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Lecture E-Business Technologies, BCM1, SS 2009

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  2. Presentations
  3. Recommended Books
  4. Online-sources
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  6. Old examinations

The lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl during winter term 2010 at the Hochschule Furtwangen University faculty business information systems, course: BCM Business Consulting (Master) E-Business

Lecture every Tuesday and Wendsday 7:45 room I 0.14,
no lecture: 27 Oct, 11 Nov., 29 Nov., 8 Dec. 2011
additional lectures:

Lecture notes from a student, content not checked

Every participant has to prepare a presentation including a term paper (30% of final mark)

Writen examination: Jannuary 31 2012 7:45 Room I 2.18 (70% of final mark)

Second examination date is 24 February 2012 9:00 room I0.14

comments from other students 2008
Comments from 2008


Date Topic Student
20. Dec 2011 19. People like communication, text, voice or video, what is best for business? () WongWong
5. How machine translation of web pages works (term paper), (slides) Lei Sio Meng
18. What type of display technic, LCD, LED or beamer, has future? (term paper) Donghwi Ko
17. Jan 6. Is google maps a place for advertising? Give good examples! (term paper), (slides) Sriharsha Kanduri
9. Is there a future for hard disc storage systems? (term paper), (slides) sohaib ali
8. Is google docs a usefull tool, is it useful in business, why? (term paper), (slides) Amit Ajit Upadhye
13. Stuxx net virus, a new generation of security problems (term paper), (slides) Waqqas Abdul-Basit
19. Jan Room I2.19 21. XML Styles for B2B applications (), (slides) Wang Hong
23. The Browser war: What comes next (term paper), (slides) Liu Zhichang
11. How is the medical service supported by digital service in my country? (term paper), (slides) Norma Fernanda Castillo
12. Can internet support money transfer from one country to another? (term paper), (slides) Karthik raj Vikramaraj
24. Jan 3. How to use youtube for customer service, give a best practice example. (term paper), (slides) Vittal Ravindra Navale
4. Why Samsung has troubles with Apple, a shot introduction to product law. (term paper), () Ahmed Hussein Moustafa Fathy Moustafa
16. The problems of a home office workplace. (term paper), (slides) Aishwarya Soundarapandian
14. EDI, electronic data interchange, how does it work. (term paper), (slides) Salman
Bitcoin- new type of money? (term paper), (slides) jaekyung bae
22. Speed of different cellular networks (UMTS and other) (term paper), (slides) Ahmed Hefny
26. Jan (till 11:00!) 7. Is there a better place for online storage than droppbox? (term paper), (slides) salman haider
1. Tell features of Google+ that make it more usefull than facebook term paper), (slides) Deak Attila
2. The best newspaper in the web, what are the criteria, how are they implemented? (term pape r), (slides) Harika Janagama
20. How to sign a digital document. (term paper), (slides) Khanh Phan Duy
10. Will paper stay? Is the paper free office coming? (term paper), (slides) Majid
15. Do we need copyright in the future? (term paper), (slides) Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek
24. Google Labs, fascinating examples (term paper), () Yongwoo Kim

Check the table online

Topics (MP3 Files)

This list contains the voice records, the voice files are available in mp3 and cover 90 minutes, resulting in a file size of about 25 MBytes.

  1. Concept of Layers, Physikal Layer (mp3)
    extra info:
    cisco video
  2. Layer 2 Data Link Layer (mp3)
  3. Layer 3 IP 4.0 and IP 6.0 (mp3)Domain names, DNS (mp3) Video:warriors-1150.mpg
  4. The E-mail System (mp3)
  5. HTTP Client and Server (mp3)
  6. HTML (mp3, not complete)
  7. XML (mp3)
  8. Security: Alica and Bob (mp3)
  9. Security: Firewall and Social Hacking (mp3)
  10. Development of an E-Commerce Strategy (mp3)
  11. Mobile Communication (mp3)
  12. Content Management, Online Marketing (mp3)
  13. Internet Marketing, SEO, Long Tail (mp3)
  14. Generating web traffic, Googel Adwords (mp3)
  15. Ajax, Server, Cloud Computing (mp3)
  16. Web 2.0, Wisdom of the cloud, Google Labs (mp3)
  17. Presentations, Neuronal Networks (mp3)
  18. The Future (mp3), slides of the presentation
  19. Digital Ecosystem (mp3)
  20. Social Networks (mp3)
  21. Presentations (mp3)
  22. Presentations (mp3)
  23. Presentations (mp3)
  24. Presentations (mp3)
  25. Presentations (mp3)

Recommended Books

E-Business (International Student Edition)
Gary P. Schneider, Cengage Learning Emea; Auflage: International ed of 8th revised ed (31. Dezember 2008), ISBN 9780324788075

Computer Networks
Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Pearson Education, New Jersey 2003, ISBN 0-13-038488-7

Web Dragons: Inside the Myths of Search Engine Technology
Ian H. Witten, Marco Gori, Teresa Numerico, Elsevier 2006, ISBN 0123706092

The Long Tail: why the future of business is selling less of more
Chris Anderson, New York, NY : Hyperion, 2006, ISBN 1401302378 / 9781401302375


  1. W3C/ the Web Consortium, standards for the web.
  2. w3schools.com a good place to learn the web technologies.
  3. TED videos about new ideas.

Presentations: Instructions

Every timeslot lasts 20 minutes, including setup of computer, presentation, and at least 5 minutes reserved for discussion. (The speaker has to stop after exceeding 20 min.)
The term paper has to be submitted before the presentation, printed in black and white, stapled, no plastic cover.
The first page contains name, title, course, professor, date.
The second page contains a declaration, that the work cites all sources and was done by the student, named on the cover. The term paper has also be submitted by mail, using PDF. It will be published on this page, as long as the student does not prohibit this.
Send the slides (ppt) at least 24h before the presentation starts per e-mail to hed@hs-furtwangen.de. Then I can load the slides on my desktop and you can start faster!

Old examinations

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Questions? Email hed@hs-furtwangen.de

Meeting hour: on request, room D105, please write an email in advance!