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Lecture E-Business Technologies, BCM1, SS 2008

  1. MP3 voice records of the lecture
  2. Presentations
  3. Recommended Books
  4. Online-sources
  5. Support for e-learning
  6. Old examinations

This page contains the voice records and lecture notes, the voice files are available in mp3 and cover 90 minutes, resulting in a file size of about 25 MBytes

The lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Eduard Heindl during summer term 2008 at the Hochschule Furtwangen University faculty business information systems, course: BCM Business Consulting (Master) E-Business

Lecture every Wednesday 9:30 room I 0.17

Lecture notes from a student, content not checked

Every participant has to prepare a presentation including a term paper (30% of final mark)

Writen examination: 7.7.2008 9:30 Room I 0.17 (70% of final mark) Results

Topics (MP3 Files)

  1. Concept of Layers (03/19/2008)
  2. Physikal Layer (03/19/2008)
  3. Mobile Communication (03/26/2008)
  4. Layer 2 Data Link Layer (03/26/2008)
  5. Layer 3 IP 4.0 and IP 6.0 (04/02/2008)
  6. Domain names, DNS Video:warriors-1150.mpg (04/02/2008)
  7. The E-mail System
  8. HTTP Client and Server
  9. Session Control, Cookie, HTML
  10. HTML, CSS, Content Management
  11. Security: Alica and Bob
  12. Security: CA, SSL, X-509v3
  13. Internet Marketing
  14. Web 2.0, Blog, Wikipedia, Wisdom of the crowd
  15. Voice over IP, VoIP
  16. Ajax Soap and XML
  17. Google and beyond
  18. The Future slides of the presentation

Recommended Books

Computer Networks
Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Pearson Education, New Jersey 2003, ISBN 0-13-038488-7

Web Dragons: Inside the Myths of Search Engine Technology
von Ian H. Witten, Marco Gori, Teresa Numerico, Elsevier 2006, ISBN 0123706092


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Date Topic Student Name
30.04.2008Connecting to Web Raghuraj.tammaly
30.04.2008WLAN Carlos Infante Masa
30.04.2008baidu Wang HongLiang
07.05.2008Bluetooth Inigo Puy
07.05.2008RFID Mullapudi Kalyan Chakravarthy
07.05.2008SOAP Cardenas Sanchez Salvador
21.05.2008Open Source Business Tahir Ahmad Ghalib
21.05.2008Media Tech BluRay George Kodjo Anni
21.05.2008TCP ravi kiran
28.05.2008Trends in data storage Gaurav Vishwanath Rao Shashidhar
28.05.2008E-Learning Praveen K Sadhineni
28.05.2008Auction Systems yeleswarapu vidyullatha
04.06.2008Online-Advertisement kudumeli Ashok Kumar
11.06.2008The Law in online Business Radha Krishan
11.06.2008E-Business Security Ahsan Ahmad
11.06.2008Digital Certificate Vivek Kumar
18.06.2008Online Payment Process Kathleen Kaye Acosta
18.06.2008mobile payment Elham Ramezani
18.06.2008Mobile Business Sandeep Pathalia
25.06.2008W3C new topics CSS Kumuda D Goddati
25.06.2008Social nets Rafiq Shahid
25.06.2008Youtube kanaiyalal patel
27.06.2008Web 3.0 Norasak Suphakorntanakit
02.07.2008Beyond Google Navith Reddy Katpally
02.07.2008E-Market  Platform M.Zubair Khan
02.07.2008Biometrical identification Lászlo Jószef Sisa

Every timeslot lasts 30 minutes, including setup of computer, presentation, and at least 5 minutes reserved for discussion. (The speaker has to stop after exceeding 30min.)
The term paper has to be submitted before the presentation, printed in black and white, stapled, no plastic cover.
The first page contains name, title, course, professor, date.
The second page contains a declaration, that the work cites all sources and was done by the student, named on the cover. The term paper should also be submitted by mail, using PDF. It will be published on this page, as long as the student does not prohibit this.

Old examinations

Examination 2003ws

All lectures

Questions? Email hed@hs-furtwangen.de

Meeting hour: Thursday 17:30 room HM 105, please write an email in advance.