Multiple Rectilinear Panoramas

Prof. Dr. H. Dersch - HFU Furtwangen

Tutorial Example - Step 1

We use an equirectangular source panorama which you can download here to repeat the example. In a first step we specifiy the edges of the straight elements. Choose points between buildings so that no edge runs through horizontal straight lines. We also choose a starting point Y between two buildings.

We can now create the stitcher script by reading the horizontal pixel positions for Y and E in any graphics program. This might be our script which we save as script1.txt:

p f11 w1000 h600 v360 B2400 Y412 E"412,840,1048,1192,1400,1970,2216,272"

o f4 v360 w2400 h1200 r0 y0 p0  n"markt2.JPG"

Notice the B-option where we specified the width of the source image as base. The other options are set automatically, and we can call PTStitcherNG using the command.

PTStitcherNG -o pano1.jpg script1.txt

This is our output (slightly reduced for this webpage):

If we are satisfied with the position of the edges, we can finetune the appearance in two ways:

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