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The midlet version is mostly compatible with the applet including the plotting function. The user interface is taken from my program FnattLavME [2], and details may be looked up there.

The installation on mobile devices like cellphones or pdas depends on the system. Required is a java installation providing the APIs CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0, JSR-75. Most current systems are either equipped with Java or it can be installed from the manufacturer. The Jasymca midlet consists of the files Jasymca.jar and Jasymca.jad, both in the directory Midlet. It can be installed over the internet, or through a local connection (USB/Bluetooth/...) from your PC. Please consult the manual of your mobile device. Detailled instructions for installations on Palm Tungsten E and Nokia 6230i are available here [3].

Helmut Dersch