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The application Jasymca includes the LAPACK routines and allows you to work with files. Move the directory Applikation onto your computer. It contains all data and programs required to run Jasymca. A current version ($\geq 1.5$) of the Java-Runtime is required and can be downloaded from Sun [12]. Jasymca may also be installed on removeable media (usb-sticks, memory cards) and read-only media (cd-rom).

To start the program try to double-click the program icon jasymca.jar in Applikation. If this does not work, open a command window on your computer, navigate to the directory Applikation and issue the command
java -jar jasymca.jar. Jasymca starts up in Maxima-mode by the command
java -jar jasymca.jar ui=Maxima.

Upon startup Jasymca searches a file named Jasymca.Octave.rc or
Jasymca.Maxima.rc depending on startup mode. If the environmental variable JASYMCA_RC is set on your system, Jasymca searches for a startup file under this name extended by .Octave.rc or .Maxima.rc. This file may be used to load often used constants or functions.

Helmut Dersch