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diff(function,x) differentiates function with respect to the symbolic variable x. The main variable of function is used if x is not provided. Functions defined by user programs can often be handled as well.
>> syms a,x
>> diff(a*x^3)
ans = 3*a*x^2
>> diff(a*x^3,a)
ans = x^3
>> diff(3*sqrt(exp(x)+2),x)
ans = 1.5*exp(x)/sqrt(exp(x)+2)
>> diff(sin(x))      % no variable specified
ans = 1              % use z=sin(x) as variable
>> diff(sin(x),x)    % more reasonable
ans = cos(x)
>> function y=ttwo(x) y=2*x; end
>> diff(ttwo(sin(x)),x)
ans = 2*cos(x)

Helmut Dersch