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Working with Jasymca

Your computer must be equipped with a recent Java-Version ($\geq 1,5$). No further installation is required: Just visit the Jasymca-homepage [8] to start the program. Of course, you can also use a local installation on any suitable system, see chapter 5 for an installation guide.

Jasymca starts up in Octave-mode. Commands are entered using the keyboard in the textinput field in the lower part of the window. The results are displayed and saved in the upper large textarea. The zoom-function in the main menu adjusts font size. The buttons < and > recall earlier commands (scrolling the command history). The same operation is acieved by typing the arrow keys of the keyboard, and is an importand aid for efficient working.

Typing demoEN starts a 5-minutes demonstration of Jasymca's capabilities. In the following examples and exercises the verbatim response of Jasymca is displayed; to repeat the results you have to copy the text after the prompt (>>) into the textinputfield and press enter.


Helmut Dersch