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File : Open Script

A scriptfile is read into Jasymca. The scriptfile must be plain text, which can be generated with common texteditors (e.g. Notepad, TextWrangler, KWrite for the platforms windows, macos, linux). The content of the scriptfile is treated as if it were entered in the textinputfield of Jasymca, i.e. it must be a list of valid commands.

This can be used to read in data from a data aquisition system for analysis, or to load user programs (see chapter 2.8). Quite useful are lists of constants or material data which are often required for exercises.

It is possible to load files from the textinputfield without menu: In this case the file must end with ``.m'' (e.g. ``data.m''), and reside within Jasymcas searchpath (see below). Entering the filename without the ending ``.m'' (in this example:data) loads the data.

Helmut Dersch